Czech Crystal Snowflake Decoration

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Czech Crystal Snowflake Decoration by Laura Winser, textile artist and tutor. Christmas Decoration. Approximately 8.5cm in diameter.


Sparkly and bright! These snowflakes are made from Czech crystal resulting in a gorgeous sparkle and weight to each one. Available in a variety of colours to suit your decorations and tree. They are approximately 8.5cm in diameter.


Laura Winser is a textile artist and tutor from the Isle of Lewis in the Western Isles, Outer Hebrides of Scotland. She is also a cardiac intensive care nurse and since 2015, she has lived in Kingsbridge with her husband and now with two young children. Laura designs from the Garden Mill Studio in Kingsbridge where she produces work in a variety of media, primarily textiles which she sells in outlets across the South Hams and Western Isles and through her own exhibitions and events.

She uses her creativity to find mindful ways to manage her well-being after being diagnosed with a progressive hearing loss disorder which also results in balance issues and variable tinnitus. Laura also set up Kingsbridge Crafters after finding a need in her local community for a group that promotes wellbeing through creativity, community and skill-sharing. This group also collaborates with other local groups and initiatives.

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