Ceramic necklace - brown green

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Ceramic necklace - brown green Original stoneware ceramic pendant on cotton cord by Anna Ventura Pendant size: 30mm Cord size: Adjustable


Ceramic necklace – brown green is an original pendant with cord by Anna Ventura artist. The pendant is produced with stoneware ceramic, slips, oxides and clear glaze; and it features imprinted local plants – hand rolled by the artist. This item is sold in a velvet pouch, and is mounted on a black cotton cord (jewellery grade), which has been knotted to be adjustable.

About Anna Ventura artist

Anna Ventura is an artist and designer from Barcelona who moved permanently to Kingsbridge in 2009 after graduating in Fine Art. She works from the Garden Mill Studio in Kingsbridge where she produces work in a variety of media.
She sells in outlets across the South Hams and through her own exhibitions and events. In 2022 Anna was diagnosed with a rare spinal cord condition which altered her dexterity and made her rethink working in ink due to its intricacy. So her existing ink work is a true limited edition! However, Anna revisited and rediscovered ceramics (15 years after first using it in her degree). And to her delight, she found a media that worked well with her new limitations. She she now produces vases and sculptures in clay and finishes them in glazes and oxides. She often focusses on form rather than detail and the overall expressiveness of the piece.

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