Privacy Policy

At the Tidal Gallery we have the most upmost respect and care for privacy and information, and we know how important it is to keep it safe. For this reason we will always ensure we comply with GDPR law and always ensure we have your permission at all times.

During any transaction with the Tidal Gallery, whether online or at the premises, you may be required to provide contact details, in such cases the information will always be encrypted and only last for the duration of the transaction. Further information for delivery or to join our VIP database will always be kept securely in accordance to the Data Protection Act and GDPR legislation. In such cases, you will be always be informed on how long your data will be under our possession and how and consulted as to whether you want to proceed. Please rest assured your data will be stored safely in every occasion and deleted when instructed in each case.

- Our VIP service and newsletter will be operated through Mailchimp server, which is fully compliant with privacy law and will enable you to provide as much or as little information as you want and to opt out at any time.

- We will never ask for any banking or card details. If any bank transaction is to be done over the phone, no details will be recorded, and will only be used privately and safely on said transaction. Will will also retain the right to turn down what we may suspect to be a fraudulent transaction whether in store, over the phone or online.

- We will NEVER sell your data and will not keep any information on your after a transaction unless you state otherwise.